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“It is vital that when educating our children’s brains we do neglect to educate their hearts.” Dalai Lama

Message from your teachers: Ms. Stubbs and Ms. Pizzi 10/01/2018

Welcome to October! While Ms. Iram is out for the next few weeks, we will be sending home the weekly homework assignments in your child’s red folder every Monday. You will also see in the folder a Scholastic Weekly Reader. While this is not part of the “regular” homework, it is encouraged that you read together and interact as a family while your child works to answer the questions in the packet. Often, we will talk of current events and “big ideas” in class, so this will give your child a step up during our class discussions.

Please also be sure that the homework planning sheet comes to and from school every day so that we can continue to communicate about daily behavior, habits, successes and challenges! We’ve begun a new color system to track “self-awareness” about responsibility and behavior and we even assigned our first round of class jobs today! Ask your child about how it is going!

In the red folder you will also notice that some days, your child may have something specific to complete based on our interactions in class – so be sure to build a routine to check your folder every night for updates and details on learning. These specific activities could be a review of material from class or an extra challenge for your child if he or she is ready for it!

We also want to invite you to join our Class Dojo account – here you can message the teachers, see pictures and videos of our class time learning and follow our educational adventures! Check your email for the invitation or email m.pizzi@qasca.org if you need to have the invitation resent. 

Finally, in afternoon Science with Ms. Pizzi, we will begin our first engineering and design challenges, so you may see some requests go home for random objects. We are starting to build our “junk box” challenge materials so please stay tuned and check the red folders for materials requests related to our design challenge of the week. 

Thank you again for your collaboration during this time and please do not hesitate to Dojo message, email or call with any questions – we are here to help you!



Ms. Stubbs and Ms. Pizzi

Social Studies Study review

Posted on January 8, 2019

Test on 1/16/2019


Government Around the World


Vocabulary Words.

  1. Independence: not depending on something or someone else.
  2. Freedom: means being free.
  3. Document: an official paper that proves something.
  4. Colony: is a place that is ruled by a country far away.


What are the main things that governments are supposed to do?

They help citizens, they make laws that protect rights, safety, and property.


How can Americans be active in our government?

American citizens vote for and elect their leaders.


Who ruled the people in the original 13 American colonies?

The English government and its king.


Why did the American colonists want to get rid of English rule?

They wanted to be free and to choose their own government leaders, something they did not have under English rule.


What did the people in American colonies want from new government?

They wanted freedom, rights, and representation by leaders they

Homework 1/8

Posted on


WEEK OF 1/7/2019


Spelling –  Backpack pp.44. Spelling Test on Friday 1/11/19

Spelling Words: cook, took, foot, stood, boot, tool, soon, blew, chew, grew, threw, too.

ELA –   Word Workbook p. 90

Math – pp. 333-334



Spelling – Backpack pp. 45

ELA – Word Workbook p. 92

Math – pp. 339-340


Spelling – Backpack pp.46

ELA – Word Workbook p. 94

Math – pp. 345-346


  • Please review Social Studies study review sheet. There is a test next Wednesday. 1/16/19


Homework Week of Dec 10th

Posted on December 12, 2018


WEEK OF 12/8/19


Spelling – Backpack pp. 35, 36

ELA –   Word Workbook p.62

Math – pp. 259, 260


Spelling – Backpack pp.37, 38

ELA – Word Workbook p.64

Math – pp. 265, 266


Spelling – Backpack pp. 39

ELA – Word Workbook p.66

Math – pp. 271, 272


Spelling — Backpack pp.

ELA – Word Workbook p.68

Math – pp. 277, 278


  • Social Studies vocabulary test on Tuesday December 10th
  • Science Vocabulary test on Wednesday December 11th
  • Spelling Test Friday December 14th
  • Book Fair: You have a wonderful opportunity to buy amazing books to add to your library at home. Book Fair is from December 8th to December 13th. Don’t miss this opportunity.
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