5th Gr Music Homework: Music Notation (T. Tallis)

Rehearsal for BAM Shakespeare has prevented us from having Music Class but here is some homework so you don’t get rusty. You will need your Music notebooks for this assignment, as we are returning to music *notation*. 

On the Music notation paper provided to you, carefully copy the sheet music posted below. It is the first half of Thomas Tallis’ “If Ye Love Me” (the “Me” being God). The second half will be posted as a later homework assignment.

On this assignment it is important that you copy the notes (and all other symbols shown on the page) accurately and carefully. This means that if a musical note is resting in the space between two lines of the stave (staff), you draw it so it *touches* both lines and does not *float* in space. 

Likewise, if a note intersects with a line, you copy it so that this is clearly shown and the note does not seem positioned too high or too low on the line. Make the note the proper size and don’t crowd them (nor space them too far apart).

One full line of each stave of “If Ye Love Me” is longer than the stave on the paper I gave you. Therefor, each stave on the paper can equal half a stave of the music shown online. The picture posted below makes this clearer.

Thomas Tallis was one of the preeminent composers during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603). This was the Age of Shakespeare. We will look at Tallis’ work more closely in the weeks ahead.

Remember — if you have a question, please let me know. I am here to help you do your best.

This assignment is due at the start of class, Monday May 14. Late work will not be accepted and result in a failing grade. Please be sure to have it finished.