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Dear Parents,

     By Tuesday, October 23, I will be using Google Classroom for notices, class instruction and homework.  I will continue to post homework on  on my page through the website.  Please be aware that usage is contingent on signing the digital media usage agreement.  If you have not signed it and not brought it in, this may affect your child’s ability to use their chrome books in class.  We have instituted a filtering system called Go Guardian to check appropriate usage of said chrome books.  I look forward to incorporating blended learning in the classroom.  Please be aware that your child must sign into Google Classroom and accept my invitation to join the class in order to see and complete each assignment.  Your child must sign into each class and accept the invitation.

     We will begin to learn about the Fertile Crescent and the first civilization of Mesopotamia.  Our next project will be creating clay tablets with ancient Mesopotamian writing called cuneiform.  Our first project was a success; the students enjoyed presenting their awards and speeches about famous Hispanic Americans.   

     Also, I will begin to post pictures of classwork and projects on Class Dojo.  Please feel free to contact me through e-mail if you have any concerns.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. A. Dasaro



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