Summer Assignments

Welcome Families to our Summer Assignments Page!

Here you will find pertinent information regarding summer work to be completed by students. Please click on the link below that corresponds to the work for your child’s grade. Additionally, ALL students in grades K-8 are expected to complete Mathletics and NewsELA articles and quizzes for grades 2-8. Families will receive NewsELA account information via Option C. Details about all summer assignments are also listed below. Please do not hesitate to call the school if you have any questions!




Kindergarten: Kindergarten Packet

First Grade: First Grade Packet

Second Grade: Second Grade Homework Packet 2018

Third Grade: Summer Packet for Students Entering Grade 3

Fourth Grade: Grade 4 Summer Packet

Fifth Grade: Entering5thGradeSummerReviewPacket


Middle School Assignments

ELA – All Grades

ELA (Middle School Summer)


Incoming 6th Grade Summer Packet

Incoming 7th Grade Summer Packet

Incoming 8th Grade Summer Packet


5th going to 6th grade Science Packet for the summer

6th going to 7th grade science packet for the summer

8th grade science packet for the summer

Social – All Grades

NewsELA Articles and Quizzes



Student are expected to read an article a day from NewsELA and successfully answer the quizzes with a score of 75% or above for a total of 50 for middle school and 30 for the lower school by September 28th.

Guidelines are as follows:

50 = 100%                 30 = 100%

45 = 90%                   25 = 90%

40 – 80%                    20 = 80%

35 = 70%                    15 = 70%



Grades 2-4

4,500 points 100%

3,500 points 90%

2,500 points 80%

Fewer than 2,500 points 50%


Grades 5-8

20,000 points 100%

15,000 points 90%

10,000 points 80%

5,000 points 70%

Fewer than 5,000 points 50%



  • An award will be presented for every 5,000 additional earned