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Welcome to Technology at St. Francis Xavier – Queen of All Saints!


In our academy, technology is infused in all classrooms from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade! In our lower school programs, Kindergarten and First-grade work 1:1 with iPads while also taking a formal technology class once a week. In grades 2-5, students check out iPads and Chromebooks for classroom enrichment and our grades 3 and 4 are piloting a European-based adaptive technology tablet program for math and ELA called Snappet! Just like in our early childhood grades, our lower elementary students also receive a formal technology class once per week.


Once our students graduate to our middle school, they receive their own Chromebook and we implement a dedicated 1:1 blended learning program through MyPearson Realize and the Google Apps for Education. Additionally, middle school student receives once a week training in digital citizenship, MLA formatting and high school and college preparation in technology. 

If you’d like to learn more about our technological applications and training, please visit Educate LLC, who has provided professional development and coaching for our staff over the last two years!

All technology class assignments are posted on Google Classroom, so please download the app today to follow your child’s progress! Do not hesitate to email with any questions. 



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